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My Mourning Manifestation & Routine

My morning journaling ritual is my sanctuary in time! I get my babies on the bus and I grab a coffee and sit down. I love to sit at my desk surrounded by photos of my family and my beautiful butterfly figurine (thank you Madison!).

I love to open my journal to the next blank page that welcomes my thoughts and feelings. I start by writing down three things I am grateful for, which shifts my focus to positivity and abundance. Then, I lay out the tasks for the day, not as a to-do list, but as intentions set with purpose and foresight. I try my best to SIT. I try not to rush and I allow my thoughts to run rampant just funneling them onto the paper.

I love to choose a motivational quote of the day and then I re-read my notes and manifestations out loud. The quote of today is:

"There is only light. If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to BE it."

This act of expressing gratitude in my morning journal sets a tone of mindfulness and appreciation that has had far-reaching effects on my mental health. Focusing on the elements of life that I am thankful for allows me to start my day with a reflection on the GOOD. The EXTRA LUCKY if you will :).

This shift has been incredibly helpful as someone with ADHD who struggles to meditate. I am a doer and not moving or working when sitting still is tough for me. This practice allows me to set intentions and be present while also feeling authentic to me. I love cultivating a positive mindset that counters the often overwhelming rush of my daily life. Gratitude journaling helps in recognizing the good, even in small doses, which can foster resilience and a greater sense of well-being. Over time, this practice has begun to rewire my brain to naturally seek and celebrate the positive,

This is my current notebook and I just love it so much!

Also, here is the bookmark I use. I bought them for so many friends and I just love it :)

If you decide to start incorporating journaling into your morning let me know!

Thanks for being here!




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