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Promoting Unity & Understanding, Not Numbers: One Social Media Post at a Time.

Updated: Mar 6

Building Genuine Connections In a time when social media often feels like a competitive field marred by negativity, we sometimes forget its genuine potential to nurture human relationships. We're all caught up in chasing likes, shares, and followers, but have we paused to question - what if our approach to using these platforms carried a warmer tone of humanity? 

Think about it…What if we see social media not just as a stage for self-promotion but as a unique platform for strengthening connections, spreading compassion, and promoting mutual understanding?

I have been sharing on social media as a content creator since 2015. In the beginning, my content was all about ME. I shared my outfits and all the recipes and meals I was eating. I shared pictures of my travels and amazing friends and family. ME ME ME. My platform plateaued because that simply wasn’t enough to engage and truly connect with an audience. Building a community was not the focus, I was.

The photo below is from one of my first blog posts. My old blog, is still live and I love that I can re-read those posts almost like an online diary, but if you head over there you can see the difference and the shift in what I choose to focus on when sharing content there vs. here and across all my platforms.

When Addie was born I committed myself to focus on her needs and our family. My perspective shifted as a human being, and I started realizing the impact that community can have on serving ALL people. I wanted to share, but instead of sharing from a place of ego, I started sharing content again on social media while leading with love and vulnerability.

Emma Stauber, Daughter of Tara, co-founder of Rock the 21

My shared content was still from my perspective, but I was starting to advocate for the disability community and began fostering TRUE connections and authentic friendships. 

Today, WE (you and me) have built an online community of over 200K people. Yes, I may own the platform, but the community I've been able to foster is as much theirs as it is mine. My platform and content are 100% committed to connection and fostering community. Whether I share from our Extra Lucky Moms page, or personally, I am always trying to make an impact to help others. 

This shift in content creation has propelled my reach in ways I could never imagine, and all it took was shifting my perspective and thinking about others and the value I could provide THEM. Today, less than a week after launching the Extra Lucky Podcast, we discovered we were in the top 10% of new podcasts due to the current metrics and the number of downloads (we were in the top 10% only 4 days post-launch). I think my perspective on social media and sharing authentically, may be working ;)!

Envisioning this change is a potential game-changer. It could redefine not just how we perceive social media platforms, but also how we interact with them. At ELM, this very vision is at the core of who we are. Our purpose transcends accumulating likes or followers. Our mission is to nurture a supportive online community where every member feels acknowledged, valued, and interconnected. Featuring the usual fun aspects of social media - the ridiculous reels and silly content - is one side of what we do. However, our primary focus is on those who often feel invisible and unheard on such platforms. We are committed to creating an inclusive space for them, a digital sanctuary where their voices matter. 

Through honesty, vulnerability, and a profound commitment to mutual support, I envision a social media experience that brings people together more closely than ever. We might not be able to change the whole world overnight, but we believe in the power of taking little steps, one heartfelt post at a time. And who knows, maybe we will inspire another generation to lead with love and always see the Extra Lucky parts of these cuties:

Charlee and her buddy Riley

If this blog post resonated with you, click here to learn more about my work and the ELM services we provide to the disability community. Together we can make change and shift perspectives!


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